Dr. Edelman currently practices at Doctor’s Hospital of Coral Gables (a Baptist Health Systems hospital), South Miami Hospital and Surgical Park Center in Kendall. He grew up in Daytona Beach, Florida, and after graduating from the Bowman Gray School of Medicine a...

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Abdominal wall and incisional hernias present as a bulge in the “stomach” region of the abdomen. Sometimes it is at or near the area of a previous surgical incision. Having a previous “belly” operation can cause a hernia in or near the scar area. While these hernias can oc...

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The groin is an area of your hip between your stomach and thigh. It is located where your abdomen ends and your legs begin. The groin area has five muscles that work together to move your leg and the pain typically results from an injury caused by physical activity. A pulled or strain...

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ROBOTIC SURGERY: This technology allows Dr. Edelman to work with greater precision using the highest quality optics and hand instruments. Dr. Edelman likes to compare Robotics to going to see a movie in the IMAX experience. It is the same operation as conventional laparoscopy but Robotics is v...

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An umbilical hernia involves a bulge or pouch that forms in the abdomen around the “belly button”. A section of the intestine or fatty abdominal tissue pushes through a weak spot in the abdominal wall near the belly button. An umbilical hernia may begin as a painless lump in or...

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Over the past several years Dr. Edelman has perfected a method of treatment for Sports Hernias. He is well recognized among the sports community and area orthopedic surgeons as being the surgeon best able to diagnose and repair this condition in South Florida. Dr. Edelman has work...

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A gallbladder attack may feel like a "heart attack" with bloating, gas, and problems with digestion. When you have a gallstone, this blocks the bile the liver produces from entering the digestive tract, and thus directly impacts the digestive process.
Symptoms to look for:
Sudden a...

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Dr. Edelman is a leading figure in the treatment of inguinal (groin) hernias by the laparoscopic method. He has performed thousands of these procedures starting in 1990 and finds the patients have much less pain with the laparoscopic technique than the more traditi...

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Perspiration is the body's natural method of cooling itself down during active periods or exposure to warm conditions. Severe hand sweating with a feeling of embarrassment is usually caused by an increased activity in the sympathetic nervous system; a system of nerve...

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a week ago
First and foremost Dr. Edelman is a tremendous dr. He has amazing Bedside manner. He walks you through all of the options , takes his time with you, and really cares that you are comfortable with the decision. He did surgery on me less than a week ago for an open umbilical hernia. I had minimal to no pain after the procedure..not because i have a high pain threshold but because he is an amazing surgeon who does the procedure were there is barely any pain after.. He has definitely found a patient for life and have immediately recommended him to friends and family. Thank you so much dr for letting get my life back pain free
- Andrew H
3 weeks ago
Dr. Edelman listened without rushing me, he asked lots of questions and provided clear information on what to do next. It is rare to see a doctor who will not try to complete your visit in 5 minutes. His staff is very helpful and thoughtful.
- Alejandra A
10 months ago
It was been a year since Dr. Edelman completed the surgery on me to stop my hands from sweating. What a year it has been! I have grown leaps and bounds socially and emotionally. I don't have to worry about my sweaty hands anymore. I have Dr. Edelman to thank for this! He was very professional, very caring, and simply an excellent surgeon! I could not be more pleased being under his care, and I will be forever grateful for it. Words really can't express how much I am appreciative, but this review will have to do. Thank you so much Dr. Edelman for changing my life for the better!
- Bill Y

Personalized, General Surgical Practice

Specializing in Minimal Access (Laparoscopic) Surgery with a significant experience repairing Inguinal Hernias, Umbilical Hernias, Abdominal Wall Hernias, Sports Hernia in Athletes as well as single site (only one tiny incision) removal of Gallbladders and Gallstones. 

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