Posted on Mar 9, 2020

David S Edelman MD

Robotic Surgery

Mar 9, 2020 – Mar 16, 2020
ROBOTIC SURGERY: This technology allows Dr. Edelman to work with greater precision using the highest quality optics and hand instruments. Dr. Edelman likes to compare Robotics to going to see a movie in the IMAX experience. It is the same operation as conventional laparoscopy but Robotics is very intensive and “high tech”. The robot enhances Dr. Edelman's ability to perform the operation like removing the gallbladder, repair an inguinal or abdominal wall hernia (with or without placing mesh) as well as other General Surgical procedures. Dr. Edelman was one on the early adopters of this technology using Aesop and Hermes and now using the DaVinci Robotic system. He has published articles and written chapters in surgical texts on this topic relating to hernia repairs. His vast surgical experience and care for you, his patient, will be recognized and appreciated as many have come to find. Do not hesitate to call Dr. Edelman and ask him if the Robotic approach to your surgical condition is indicated.
Valid Mar 9, 2020 – Mar 16, 2020
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