Posted on Mar 30, 2020

David S Edelman MD

The groin is an area of your hip between your stomach and thigh. It is located where your abdomen ends and your legs begin. The groin area has five muscles that work together to move your leg and the pain typically results from an injury caused by physical activity. A pulled or strained muscle in the groin area is one of the most common injuries among athletes known as a Sports Hernia (see below).
*Another common cause of groin pain is an inguinal hernia. An inguinal hernia occurs when internal tissues of the abdomen push through a weak spot in the groin muscles. This can create a bulging lump in your groin area and cause discomfort.
There are many other non-serious causes of groin pain. If your discomfort does not go away, seeing a Hernia Surgeon, like Dr. Edelman, can help you. Only an exam by a qualified surgeon can diagnose an inguinal hernia or one of the other causes of groin pain.
Sometimes other tests are needed to help diagnose your condition including a sonogram, CT scan or MRI of the pelvis.
Surgery is sometimes needed to repair an inguinal hernia or sports hernia and that can be discussed with Dr. Edelman during your consultation.
Please call Dr. Edelman's office for an appointment if you think you have a hernia or groin pain that may be an inguinal or sports hernia.
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