Posted on Dec 11, 2019

David S Edelman MD

Dr. Edelman is a leading figure in the treatment of inguinal (groin) hernias by the laparoscopic method. He has performed thousands of these procedures starting in 1990 and finds the patients have much less pain with the laparoscopic technique than the more traditional open repair. Complications are few and the rate of success is high. With Dr. Edelman’s technique, the incisions are less than a quarter of an inch in size and the procedure generally takes less than an hour to complete. Less time under anesthesia is always better for the patient, and this may help explain why patients seem to do so well after these procedures. Dr. Edelman has frequently used Robotics to do a hernia repair. The robot benefits the patient because it allows Dr. Edelman to make very small incisions and provides him with a highly magnified view, resulting in a finely meticulous Hernia Repair. Patients recover quickly from this procedure, and it is as outpatient surgery. Many patients return to work in a few days and are back exercising in a few weeks. Call Dr. Edelman at 305-271-4080 to schedule an appointment with him to discuss how this may benefit you.
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