Posted on Feb 6, 2019

David S Edelman MD

Incisional Hernia:
Incisional hernias present as a bulge or protrusion at or near the area of a surgical incision. Virtually any prior abdominal operation can develop an incisional hernia at the scar area. While incisional hernias can occur at any incision, they tend to occur more commonly along a straight line from the sternum straight down to the belly button and pubis. They can be complex and contain the intestines. Hernias in these areas have a high rate of recurrence if repaired using a simple suture technique since sutures cause tension and tension leads to a hernia. For this reason, it is especially advised that these be repaired via a tension free repair method using a synthetic mesh.
Dr. Edelman is experienced in fixing these hernias and can discuss with you the different options available. The 3 different techniques used are: open repair with mesh, laparoscopic repair with mesh and Robotic repair with mesh. After examining you in his office, he can recommend the safest repair for your hernia.
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